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    By hiring Omnis for your UX/UI & Web Dev agency, you will receive:

    We’ve run more than 153 projects for more than 83 satisfied clients

    Our leading services

    User Experience

    How do we plan digital products using our user experience service? It’s all about wireframing, prototyping, and product management.

    Web Development

    Any tech-savvy personnel can set up a website. However, a selling website should be created by an agency that provides custom-made website development services.

    User Interface

    We’re passionate about user interface design for websites and applications. Are you looking for a UI agency that meets your business needs? Let's talk.


    We create custom-made mobile applications based on our design services. App development is one of the leading services we have to offer.

    Design Sprint

    We run a 4-day Design Sprint for solving product and business challenges. By the end of the sprint, you'll receive a working prototype tested by real users.

    WEb systems

    Developing information systems and projects on various platforms and technologies using advanced development methodologies and tools.

    Our road to success


    Wireframing remains the best way to visualize structured data and characterize particular features. We use wireframing to ensure the wholeness of your product’s visual structure. We create an application that correlates with the current user models and accurately presents your brand.


    We create a thoroughly tested prototype before the final implementation occurs. As such, we save your company precious energy time and money, allowing you to launch a meticulously evaluated product.


    Our team specializes in product specifications for complex systems, sitemaps and custom components to enhance functionality. We also help businesses develop a unique design concept and brand identity tailored to their specific needs.


    Our web development agency specialises in creating technological and product specifications for various web-based projects. We offer client-side and back-end development services to ensure all aspects of the website are functioning optimally.


    We believe that a successful website launch involves more than just development. Our web development agency provides extensive QA testing to ensure the website functions correctly and meets all requirements. We offer training to our clients to ensure that they understand how to use and maintain their website.

    We aim high.
    Then we aim higher.

    New website

    • +79% Average time per user
    • +25% Conversion rate

    Website improvements

    • +37% Online shop orders
    • +56% Orders value

    Website improvements

    • +33% Online shop orders
    • +23% Newsletter signups
    Natalie Shabi
    Director of Digital Strategy

    Omnis has a very methodological, quality controlled, punctual process.
    We received support and accompaniment all along the way and felt we’re in good, professional hands.

    Some of our satisfied clients

    We chose Omnis since they seemed from the first moment as a company that will accompany us and be a partner in the process. We're very satisfied with the product they delivered.
    Eli Cymbalista
    CEO, ESIL By Bazan
    Omnis has a very methodological, quality controlled, punctual process. We received support and accompaniment all along the way and felt we're in good, professional hands.
    Natalie Shabi
    Director of Digital Strategy, Teva
    I find Omnis services great. They are truly professional. While working with them, I always get a higher value then what I was asking for
    Matan Liberman
    General Manager, Semperis

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